Expanding balls, Dangerous for pets!

Expanding ball toys such as water balls expands in big shapes when exposed to liquid.  These water balls are of super absorbent polymer. They are harmful to children as well as to pets. At the first glance, they look like a marble and in bright colour but when dipped into water they expand rapidly. This feature has made them very popular but this can pose a unique hazard to pets and small kids.

These types of toys are very harmful to your pets too. They like to take things in their mouth to find fun but it is very dangerous. Most of the time, things go directly into the stomach without having problem but water balls absorbs water to grow more and more in bigger size. Pets and babies love to put things in mouth...

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Barking or Howling?

Barking is the mode of communication for dogs and it doesn’t have to be taught, it starts in a very early stage. Animal gestures like barking, growling, chewing and crying are misunderstood by owners.

Sounds of dogs can be categorized in some classes:

  • Howls
  • Growls
  • Grunts
  • Whines
  • Barks

Each kind is used in different situations and circumstances. Like Humans dogs also express using sounds and gestures. Each of these sound type can help you understand what your pet is trying to express and make you closer to him.


Howling in dogs can be seen for long range communications. Like wolves, dogs howl to signify territories and boundaries.

Growling can indicate many things:

  • Warnings
  • Aggression
  • Dominance
  • Play-growl (wagging the tail with growling is a play-growl).

Grunts can depict the sigh feel...

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How to choose fish for your tank?

Choosing fish for your tank can be a daunting task, it just requires little research.While choosing fish for your tank you should take care of the Size, Behavior and Needs.

Talking about the size of fish, honestly fish can eat anything that it believes can go into their mouth, for that case even its own baby fish. Though some fishes show parental concern, others lay eggs and the offspring’s are on their own after that. They say that larger fishes in tank are silent and peaceful but as and when a fish gets large it eats smaller fishes. It’s not that with increase in size they get selfish or mean but they start seeing small things as a treat. So, while you choose your fishes, make sure that they are of almost equal sizes so as to avoid losing the tiny ones.

Fish behavior counts a lot when you have to fill a tank. Fish breeds are like human races, they have different temperaments. Some fishes are composed and calm while other may be warrior-like aggressive. Keeping both kinds in a single tank is a call of disaster. The aggressive fish forgets its size and believes in power and behavior, it can rip the calmer one until it dies or bleeds badly. Honestly, fighters are selfish fishes they fight for food and even space in the tank, due to which the calmer fish race may even die of malnutrition.

“I remember when I bought my tank; I was excited to raise colorful fishes due to which I ended up in chaos! I bought beautiful red tail sharks with my goldfishes, thought my tank will look colorful, but instead the red tail sharks harassed and picked the goldfishes so much that I could see them suffering and bleeding. Their fins were torn and it was all over the water. It was a really bad scene to witness :( “So, please raise fishes of a similar behavior.

When we discuss needs of fishes, it concerns with the kind of food, water temperature, medication, alkanity and accessories too. Kind of food for fishes has a big range. Generally fishes aren’t so fussy about food. They manage well in all variety of food but some fishes may fuss. Fish food can be dry frozen flakes, small colorful palettes, blood worms and many more types.

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The Blind Boxer and Brave Buttons

A goose named “buttons” raises “Boxer”, a blind dog after an accident that turns his life upside down.

Boxer lost his vision, in a deadly accident. His owner, Renata Kursa was heartbroken when she heard that her pet dog lost his eyesight completely.” Boxer was too scared to go anywhere and even found difficulty while walking on different platforms. The pain he felt without his sight was worst that one could feel . We tried to steal his attention by squeaky toys and treats” said Renata

Then everything changed when she adopted “Buttons”, a four- year old Goose. Buttons became an assistance pet to boxer. They instantly bonded together and became best friends. Buttons lead boxer either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him the right way...

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Does your new born baby affect your pet?

How to Introduce your new baby with your pet ?

Does new born-baby affects your pet? Many owners claim that they would never change the way they treating their pets after a new-born baby is born but a new study on pet owners finds that it affects the pet’s world.The study involves survey question about how much time pet owners spend  with their pets, how they treat them, how they care for them and how often they take pets to vet.

Study researcher “David Blouin” at Indiana University said “people with children spent less time with their pets. Children adversely affect the pets.” It’s not right to say that owners neglect their pets, it’s about how they look after them. If you are concerned, how your dog will react with your new family member, then don’t panic.

Here ar...

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Opt to Adopt

You plan to have a Pet?

It’s a great idea, but why do you have to buy a pet for so many Dollars? Is it like just another thing to be sold? A cute little puppy wags his fluffy little tail just to make you smile because he knows you love him; do you have to buy him? Not at all! Why not use that money to groom him, get pet food for him and buy him a nice colorful ball instead. Pet shops sell these tiny hearts to earn so much profit out of nothing; I believe one can’t ever sell a soul. The pups and kittens in these stores come from mills where animals are forced to breed and crossbreed over and over again.

So many people around the globe adopt pets and take care of them like babies. Yet, there exist people who trade them for huge amount of money.
Nikita Yadav,  A trainee pilot and a model...
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Affection of years ! Story of Jesse & J.J

J.J. is a part of me, a part of me that was missing for a long time, Jesse said.

Four years ago, a deadly hurricane in Gulf Coast and New Orleans ruined millions of lives and made people helpless. Hurricane Katrina not only tore out the homes, but also unsheltered more than 250,000 pets. Owners were forced to abandon their pets to seek safety.

Jesse has the same story with his dog J.J. In August 2005, hurricane Katrina chased him and his family out of their home. He had no other choice but to leave his dog. He determined to find his dog, J.J again. After 2 years, he came to know that his dog had been adopted by 2 sisters in California. Jesse spent 2 more years to rescue his dog in the battle of court.

Finally, the affection of years made him win and they lived together once again.

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Animal Love !

Animals do not worry about heaven or hell, neither do I ;

Mayb that’s why we get along so well.

I was always surrounded by pets in my family. My grandmother was a cat lover too. I have some fond memories of her in her late 80s basking in sun with her cats by her side. I once had fallen in love with this female dog while my father was posted in Agra (how I wish I had some pictures of her)

It’s amazing how unconditional their love is. I was in 3rd grade then when “blacky” used to come with my mother to school at the time of dispersal. And, if at all my mom couldn’t come blacky made sure to come to my school to escort me and protect me. Sadly, I lost blacky and moved out of Agra. With pet or without pet but my love for animals never died.


I started working and met Kavita a die-ha...

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Cleaning a Fish Bowl

[vsw id="VBVt6ZCesUw" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Cleaning a fishbowl is not so tough as it seems, This video shows the process in detail.


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Pusuke, World’s Oldest Dog – 26 yrs

Pusuke, World’s Oldest Dog, died at 26 yrs and 8 months, equivalent to 125 yrs of a human’s age.

The owner of this beautiful fluffy tan Shiba mix breed dog was Ms. Yumiko Shinohara, She claims that Pusuke, refused to eat and fell ill the day it left for heaven.

Guinness Book Of Records say that Pusuke was born on April 1, 1985 and faced severe breathing problems when before the tiny heart came to a halt.

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